From the “Power of Fandom” Panel Mike was a part of

DF Admin Jeff reports that Mike said: (“he” in the following refers to Mike)

  • Asami was originally intended to be evil, along with her father, but the more they developed her character the more they realized she’d be better as good.
  • He doesn’t see the need to tell us, or even to know himself, the identity of Toph’s husband.
  • Amon using bloodbending to remove bending ability: (asked by an adorable five-year-old girl) He thought that Amon would be such a powerful bloodbender that he could bend the energy or chi in another person to block it.  His words.  And, he said, that’s why Korra could use her power to bring their bending back.
  • He was genuinely surprised at how the fandom reacted to Mako’s character. (in terms of a negative reaction to the Asami/Korra stuff) — [Jeff asked this when he was getting his Avatar art book signed so it won’t be on video]
  • Zuko’s mom, Mike brought that up along with Toph’s husband, he said something about needing at least one unanswered question, even if it’s not the one you expected.
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    It’s kinda awkward that they were surprised about the reaction to Mako, because it means that they don’t see any...
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    I’m glad the decision about Asami happened. But I can see how it made the story difficult, as far as Korra and Mako are...
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    Hm, interesting how people often phrase it as “Toph’s Husband” when, to be more accurate based on what we know, we...
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